Chief D.K. Olumofin's Legacy

Educator, Statesman, Leader, PATRIACH

His Legacy

Chief Danieles Kubuwaje (D.K.) Olumofin hails originally from Ikare-Akoko, a city in Ondo state which is located in the South Western part of Nigeria. He was born on December 12, 1912, and lived for 91 years until his death in Lagos, Nigeria in 2003. He was subsequently buried in his hometown of Ikare-Akoko after his death. Chief D.K. Olumofin is the grand patraich of the Olumofin family and has several descendants working in the fields of law, finance, engineering, psychology and medicine.

His life was filled with accomplishments that spanned positions in pre- and post-colonial Nigeria, including in the education and oil and gas sectors, before ultimately becoming a stalwart in Western Nigeria's first republic.
In 1933, he assumed leadership of Ogbagi-Irun United School as a teacher and headmaster before a brief stint as a manager with Shell.

In an excerpt from Bola Ige's book People, Politics, and Politicians (1940 - 1979), it's stated that D.K. Olumofin in the 1950s, under the umbrella of National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons (N.C.N.C.), began his foray into politics. In 1951 he started out in the Western House of Assembly as a representative of Ikare-Akoko and was later appointed to head the Ministry of Economic Planning in Western Nigeria before becoming the Minister of Education for Nigeria's South-Western region.
His career in politics came to an abrupt end in 1966 when Nigeria transitioned to military rule.

The D.K. Olumofin foundation serves to honor and foster the remarkable life and achievements of Chief Danieles Kubuwaje Olumofin and intends to have a positive impact on the lives of its benefactors through assistance in the realm of education.

Mission Statement 1: Educational Assistance

By providing academic scholarships to eligible candidates we hope to alleviate the burden of the cost of education a student from a disadvantaged background might have otherwise incurred personally.
We also hope to provide a pathway for people that might have been excluded from academia due to being handicapped by fees that would have been otherwise exhorbitant to people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Mission Statement 2: Academic Supplies

We also aim to provide grants to people who want to start a small business but do not have the funding to do so. After thorough review of a presented business plan and a proven pathway to profitability and sustainability of the business, the required funds will be released to the enterpreneur in question.

We hope these initiatives will be impactful in a positive way to the people that the foundation is granted the honor of offering assistance be it academic or economic.