The Goals Of The Foundation

In memory of Chief D.K. Olumofin, the foundation seeks to assist people from disadvantaged backgrounds in their quest to achieve financial freedom by providing academic scholarships to students and economic assistance to people in need.

Pioneer, OILMAN, Educator, Statesman

Born December 12, 1912, Chief Danieles Kubuwaje Olumofin was a native of Ikare-Akoko in Southwestern Nigeria. He was foremost a teacher, politician, oilman and statesman.
In 1952, he entered the Western House Of Assembly in Ikare-Akoko and continued his political career till the end of Nigeria's first republic in 1966.
The Hon. Chief Danieles Kubuwaje Olumofin served as the first Minister of Economic planning and afterwards as Western Nigeria's Minister of Education.
Self-improvement through education were at the core of his fundamental beliefs. A triglot, who spoke his native Yoruba tounge, English and Latin, he believed in the timeless saying that knowledge bestows power upon whoever seeks and acquires it.

Mission 1: Support For Educational Initiatives to underserved communities

By providing financial scholarships to students (DKO Scholars) at all levels of academia, the D.K. Olumofin foundation hopes to make an impact in the lives of people from underserved backgrounds.

Mission 2: Provision of Academic Resources to THOSE IN NEED.

By providing academic resources to those in need, the Danieles Kubuwaje Olumofin foundation hopes to fill the gap whereever necessary to those who might not be able to get their hands on the academic supplies they need.


Provided below are links to books, documents and resources that make honorable mentions of the achievements, life, legacy and role Chief Danieles Kubuwaje Olumofin played in Nigeria's First Republic as a member of the Ondo state House of Assembly and later on as Minister of Economic Planning and Minister of Education for Western Nigeria.(1951 - 1966)

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